RMIT University


Websites for:

  • RMIT Architecture
  • RMIT School of Fashion
  • RMIT School of Art
  • RMIT Gallery


  • Site map
  • Wireframes
  • Prototype
  • Website


To showcase the school’s projects with more customization and creativeness than the regular RMIT website could offer.


This complex web project involved the web design and development of a portal to showcase the extensive projects and research from several of the RMIT Schools.

The project was done together with designer Stephen Banham.

The main challenge in these projects was to showcase a wide range of projects while maintaining a consistent visual preview. To address this, we carefully planned the websites using site maps and wireframes, resulting in several user-friendly solutions.

Users could access projects through the menu’s category structure, the front page slider, and a sorted search and tag system. These options made it easy for users to explore projects based on their preferences. By considering these features during the planning phase, we ensured a smooth and intuitive user experience.

Everything was custom built to meet the criteria of the clients.

The websites proved to be successful in raising the profile of the schools, both nationally and internationally