Web development of an e-commerce website.


  • Web development based on already existing design
  • Custom CMS template
  • Tutorial of CMS


To create a dynamic website highlighting Njie’s new products in an appealing and persuasive way to boost sales.



The project achieved impressive results by showcasing Njie’s awesome new products through a strong website solution

The focus was on creating a functional and high-performing platform that offered users a seamless experience and increased sales. The website’s optimized coding and fast loading times allowed users to easily explore and purchase Njie’s products.

It was also designed to be mobile-friendly, ensuring compatibility across different devices and expanding Njie’s reach in the mobile market.

The scalable architecture of the website allowed for future growth, accommodating the addition of new products and features without major changes.

The integration with marketing channels enabled Njie to connect the website seamlessly with social media and email campaigns, driving customer engagement. By utilizing analytics and tracking, valuable insights were gained for informed decision-making, optimizing marketing strategies, and continuously improving the website’s effectiveness.

Overall, the project delivered a high-performing platform that effectively showcased Njie’s products, enhanced the user experience, and drove sales growth.